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Welcome to Centre 200

Cape Breton’s very own fine cultural and entertainment facility

Centre 200

In House Arena Sound System

Speakers 9 Electrovoice time delayed clusters consisting of constant
Directivity horns and dual 15” bass bins
Amplification Bryston 370 and Bruston 470 – 70 volt power amplifiers
Hearing Impaired 8 – in-ear FM receivers for the hearing impaired
Mixing Location Fourth Floor sound room over looking the arena
Maximum Program SPL Approximately 96 dB (average arena SPL)

Moveable Vari-Theatre Sound System

Speakers 4 Renkus-Heinz SR-2 Smart System full range cabinets
2 Renkus-Heinz LR-2 Smart System Sub Bass bins
Amplification QSC MX 1500 and MX 2000, Yamaha PC 2002
Maximum Program SPL Approximately 104dB in the 1200 seat Vari-theatre